Turn Cold Leads into New LASIK Patients...
on Autopilot.

How Top Practices Stay Top-of-Mind With Prospective Patients and Grow Their LASIK Volume in 2018

TC-Headshot Troy Cole, LogiCole Consulting

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

One weak link is holding you back from increasing your LASIK volume in 2018.

Even if you have the best laser in town…

Even if you’re the most experienced surgeon in town…

Even if you have the nicest office, website and staff members.

What is this weak link that’s negatively affecting your LASIK volume?

Lack of consistent, persistent follow-up with each and every refractive lead you generate.

You may not know it, but prospective patient leads come into your practice every day and fall right through the cracks.

(For the sake of impact, rather than continuing to call them “leads”, I’ll address them as “$5,000” from now on, since that’s what they are.)

For example: Jenny called this morning to ask about LASIK. She had a question about pricing and one about recovery time. Your receptionist answered both but did not invite Jenny to schedule a consultation or get her contact info. Lost $5,000.

Another example: Steve submitted a LASIK inquiry web form last Thursday. Your receptionist called him back 3 hours later to schedule an appointment, but Steve was in a meeting and couldn’t take the call. No one has followed up with Steve since. Lost another $5,000.

Here’s the thing: only a very small minority of LASIK candidates are ready to have LASIK today. The rest just aren’t there… yet.

The problem is that most practices will give up after leaving one voicemail and simply hope for the best.

​Hope is not a strategy.

80% of the folks who contact you will have LASIK in the next 2 years.

So how do you make sure they have it with you?

Keep reaching out, keep connecting, keep up the pursuit. And do it in a non-spammy way.

But this takes manpower - effort, persistence and creativity.

It takes time, a precious asset your sales team doesn't have to spare.

​Enter the LASIK Lead Rescue System.

This turnkey solution is your virtual sales consultant, doing personalized outreach on your behalf to turn cold leads onto LASIK patients.

Here's how it works:

1. Any time you have a non-converted LASIK lead, you place the person’s name and email into the Lasik Lead Rescue system. This takes about 6 seconds.

2. The person begins to receive personalized emails from the automation sequence we create for you. The emails come directly from a team member you designate, and they look, feel and read like a personal email from a friend. (i.e. they don’t scream “I’M A MARKETING MESSAGE!!”)

3. Once someone replies to an email, it goes straight to a team member you identify, and that team member can remove the person from the system with the click of a button.

4. You schedule more consultations and increase your LASIK volume.

A few ways practices put the LASIK Lead Rescue System to work:

Health Fairs

Health Fairs are a great way to connect with potential patients, but most are not ready to schedule a consultation immediately. Use LLR to follow-up and convert more health fair leads into patients.

Community Events

Fun runs, fall festivals and more. Your community has plenty of ways to get involved, and with a sufficient 'enter to win' offer (half off LASIK perhaps) you can collect emails that the LLR can help you transform into patients over time.

Facebook Leads

Facebook is excellent at generating site traffic and email opt-ins, but sometimes, it's difficult to connect with Facebook leads. Don't give up! Use the LLR to follow-up with leads for months after they engage with your practice.

General Web Leads

Even if you're calling your online leads within 5 minutes of receiving their web forms (which we recommend), some of them will not answer. Use the LLR to make sure web leads connect with you and come in for a free screening.


Ever booked a screening that decided to cancel or no-show? How frustrating! Try your best to get them back on the books, but if you can't, put them into the LLR to encourage these no-show leads to rebook their free screenings.

And More...

The more channels delivering leads to you, the more you have falling through the cracks and not receiving the desperate follow-up they need. Hire LLR as your virtual counselor and book more LASIK screenings next month.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • You keep your staff focused on today while you automatically cultivate new patients for tomorrow, next week and next month
  • You save money - the LASIK Lead Rescue System is a fraction of what you would pay an employee to try to keep track and follow-up with hundreds or thousands of leads at a time. Pricing ranges from $399 - $599/mo depending on your specific needs (everything is customized for you).
  • High ROI - even rescuing just one $4,000 patient each month is more than a 10x ROI! Depending on your volume, it's not unreasonable to 'rescue' 1 lead a week and turn that person into a new LASIK patient.
  • Your team has no excuse for letting leads fall through the cracks.
  • You take advantage of professionally written and tested messaging to build the ‘know/like/trust’ factor that is crucial before a patient will ever come in to see you.
  • You book more refractive patients.

Get in touch and start converting more of your cold web leads into LASIK patients.